New Orleans


The War of 1812 had not gone particularly well for the United States. The British were blockading America’s coasts, damaging commerce, and thwarting any hopes for U.S. territorial gains in Canada. After two years of fighting, Americans were further humiliated when, in August of 1814, the British burned the U.S. Capitol. The people in the young republic yearned for respect. Brevet Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson would finally give them that respect with his lopsided victory at New Orleans. His significant victory would not only launch his political career, but it would also earn the respect of Britain, which never again treated America as anything less than an independent power.

The New Orleans summary is a professional quality, glossy, tri-fold brochure summarizing all key aspects of the battle. It also includes important lessons on strategy, tactics, and leadership. Request your copy today.

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