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With BattleDigest™, you get executive summaries of history’s important battles — including lessons on strategy, tactics and leadership — all in an easy-to-read tri-fold brochure.


Let’s face it, most of us don’t have enough time to read all the books, but we still want to understand military history. Battle DigestTM is the answer.  Finally, one source gives you professional, concise, and informative summaries of key battles throughout the ages in a beautiful, glossy, tri-fold brochure format.  Covering 7 distinct periods (each with its own color scheme for easy reference), Battle DigestTM makes it easy to explore and understand  battles in as little as 20 minutes, from Ancient and Medieval times up through Modern Wars, with a new issue delivered to your home every other month. This one source now brings it all together, while offering something no one else does--  a section dedicated to insights on timeless principles, and continuities, of strategy, tactics and leadership that are uniquely demonstrated in each battle.

As Jacob Burckhardt reminded us over a century ago, the true use of history is not to make men clever for next time, but to make them wise forever.  Start building your reference library and subscribe today! (Listen below for a brief summary from the founder)


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12 Battles Every American Should Know


This book is a journey through twelve epic battles of American history. And because battles determine wars, and wars determine history, it is a journey worth taking. Through these twelve battles, you will gain insights into some of the most important leaders, ideas, and conflicts that have defined this country. Some battles, like Lexington and Pearl Harbor, represent beginnings of great American struggles. Others, like Yorktown, Shiloh, Gettysburg, Midway, D-Day, and Desert Storm represent critical turning points, or culminations of, America’s wars. While the rest, Bunker Hill, Little Bighorn, the Alamo, and Antietam stand out as famous landmarks along our journey towards a common cultural heritage. These twelve battles are famous for a reason: They are part of our shared history. They bind us as a nation.