Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. Everyone is welcome! Although it was produced with the military in mind, anyone with an interest in history is encouraged to participate and learn.

A:  BattleDigest™ is best enjoyed as a subscription. For one low annual fee, you can enjoy a new issue of BattleDigest™ every quarter. 

There are two types of subscriptions:  Individual and Group.

Individual Subscription you will be mailed a new BattleDigest™ issue every other quarter (4 issues per year) covering a different historically-significant battle. Each new issue will arrive in the mail in Jan., Apr., Jul., and Oct..  Postage is included.

The Group Subscription is designed for military units, history departments, and any businesses or organizations interested in military history. This subscription includes 20 copies of each BattleDigest™ issue. These 20 copies will be mailed to your organization every quarter (same as above) Postage is included.

A: Yes, this is an appropriate government credit card purchase for units large and small. The cost is well below the current micro-purchase government spending threshold. What’s more, BattleDigest™ was specifically designed to assist unit commanders with their Professional Development and Leader Development Programs.

A: You simply select the battle from the menu and it takes you to the right page. From there you can place your order. You can order a single copy or bulk orders at a discounted rate.

A: Because we had to start somewhere, we are beginning with some of history’s most famous battles. But we are building the library every month. Eventually, all notable battles will be included. Please keep checking back. We hope to have what you are looking for soon.

A: Of course. Just place an order for multiple copies of the battles you are interested in offering to your customers and enjoy volume discounts in the process!