Battle of Britain

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In early 1940, it seemed that the Nazi juggernaut couldn’t be stopped. After the fall of Poland in 1939 and the rapid collapse of the Low Countries and France the following spring, Führer Adolf Hitler looked rapaciously across the English Channel toward his next prize. Despite the complexity of his invasion plan, known as Operation Sea Lion, one thing was clear: It required air superiority to succeed. As Hitler unleashed his air attack in what would become the Battle of Britain, waves of Luftwaffe bombers and fighters poured across the Channel. As the days turned to weeks, the fate of Europe’s last defender hung in the balance. Fighters and bombers embraced in deadly clashes over the skies of England and the Channel. In the end, Britain’s Fighter Command held, handing Hitler his first major setback of the war.

The Battle of Britain summary is a professional quality, glossy, tri-fold brochure summarizing all key aspects of the battle. It also includes important lessons on strategy, tactics, and leadership. Request your copy today.

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