In the fifth century B.C.E., the Persian empire dominated southwest Asia and the Middle East. With its large armies and obedient vassal states, it seemed only a matter of time until Persia would conquer the Greek states and expand into Europe. But when King Darius I made the first concerted effort in 490 B.C.E., he faced a new kind of enemy ‒ free citizens of Greece ‒ who fought voluntarily to protect their homeland and preserve their freedom. In what would become the first major battle of the Greco-Persian Wars, the Greeks pulled off a tactical masterpiece to rout the Persian invaders. Historians have referred to this victory on the plains of Marathon as saving Europe from Asian dictators, allowing Western civilization to flourish in the centuries to follow.

The Marathon summary is a professional quality, glossy, tri-fold brochure summarizing all key aspects of the battle. It also includes important lessons on strategy, tactics, and leadership. Request your copy today.

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